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Band Members​

"Agla" had many band members especially drummers but ones I'd like to point out would be the ones we created the most songs with:

Singer:            Ivica Špičić

Bass:               Katarina Pešun

Guitar:             Dinko Pasini

Drums:            Matej Perić

Guitar:             Tiša


An honorable mention goes to Luka Havliček on Bass who stepped in when Katarina decided to drop out of the band life and start a married one.

Starting Out...

Started out in 2003 with Ivica Špičić. I met Ivica in the Rock Academy where we both took guitar classes. Soon after we assembled a band and recorded our first album. "Demo Shit"  which was terrible and not for audience listening but that album had a lot of possibilities since all songs on it were our own.

We never did cover songs - we wanted to express ourselves with our own music. Soon after that, we had our first gig where we literally emptied the room. XD

At that time, we decided to hire a drummer and a bass player. I met Katarina and gave her the terrible album we made which she actually liked and even decided to join the band.

She called her drummer friend Jan who was with us maybe 3 months. Later on I called in my friend Jozsef Mayor to fill in the drummer space. We then had Andro and a couple of other dudes until we finally had Matej.

 1. Ami Lee

 2. Šminkerica

 3. Žohar

 4. Katarinina stvar

 5. Nejdeš nigdje

 6. Sos

 7. Dalija

 8. Dvd

 9. Iluzija

10. Tajna revolucija

11. Još uvijek mrzim te

12. Crna Betty

13. Paranormalne pojave

14. 14

15. Jedan korak bliže

16. Pljačka kioska

17. Nova godina

18. Paranormalne pojave



These are all the songs we managed to record while the band was active. There were others but unfortunately they never got recorded.

Song List


We had concerts in various places around Croatia like Močvara, Sax, Pračka, Kset, Indoor fest, O rock fest etc.

Our songs were #1 a few times on demo band competitions. We got invited to record a song for the album that would represent our home town. 


But all in all, I think our greatest accomplishment is living the rocker life and creating all this music.


In the end, it's something I can look back at now and be proud of.

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