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Musician, Actor, Composer, Game Developer, Writer and Singer


I find the hardest thing a man can do is write about himself, so instead I am going to share with you some of the things I did that I feel deserve a special place on this page.​


In 2003, I started a band called "Agla".

Agla was a nice little band that made punk rock songs. Starting out we had so much to learn but learning with your friends is never hard, and through that learning experience we made a lot of original songs that I am still proud of even to this day.



In 2007, I performed in a musical called "D.I.S.C.O".

It was a massive project involving 32 people that took a lot of time and effort to accomplish, but in the end the band was playing great, we sang, we danced and it was a fun loving experience.


The musical was written by the great Ivan Ivica Krajač 


I spend some time teaching children as a volunteer in their club "Črnkas" and in that time I wrote my first musical for them.

The moment of seeing your play being performed by the most lovable kids you could meet, is definitely one for the books.

As I told their proud parents after the show, " I look around and I see each of you being so proud of your kid today...can you imagine how I feel with all 30 of them? "


I performed in a kids musical "Vrtoglavica".

I received a call from the writer, Ivan Ivica Krajač asking me to fill in the shoes of an old character "Kira".

This was a very nice musical and I had a lot of fun on stage and behind the scenes.


I am a tenor 1 in this wonderful choir.

We do lots of concerts with Zagrebačka Filharmonija as well as guest starring on concerts around the world.

Whenever you have a rainy day, after a choir rehearsal is're still singing!


I'm the frontman for the band "Hik".


These guys are family! We did a lot of songs together, our rehearsals are always funny but very professional.


You can hear some of our songs in the music section, we hope you like them.

I made a gaming map "GrooveYard" for Killing Floor 2 that won second place in the Tripwire's Grindhouse competition.


And more importantly, I also gained a huge number of friends and supporters who created a "GrooveYard Appreciation Group" which you can visit.



I made the campaign "Witch Hunter" for the game Left 4 Dead.

A lot of time and effort went into this campaign as I wrote the story,  composed the music and with a little help from my good friends, Axxel and Qini, I recorded some voice overs that guided the player through the entire campaign.


I do some mountaineering in my spare time - summer, winter, it makes no difference to me as long as we're going on a mountain.

I wrote the novelette "Little Racer".


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