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D.I.S.C.O. musical


"D.I.S.C.O" the musical began in 2006 when it held the first auditions and selected 18 singers and 12 instrumentalists. The musical premiered 19.6.2007 and had received great reviews from the media as well as from professionals in the field.

It held four more shows in "Tvornica Kulture", one in Croatian main square "Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića", and one at "Zrinjevac" all of them in front of large audiences.

Directed by:              Ivan Ivica Krajač

Choreography by:    Branka Kolar and Ana Vesel Križaj

Maestro:                   Igor Tatarević

Costumes by:           Vladina Dajčić

Set Designer:           Miljenko Sekulić




Angela: Ana Pavić

Maria: Sanja Srdić

Jenny: Daria Karić

Kitty: Matea Gorišek

Phillip: Nikola Lazić

Beth: Martina Geber

Sharon: Nikolina Fistrić

Tina: Ana Čilaš

Ronna: Ema Gašljević

Robin: Tihomir Garapić

Diana: Barbara Lach

Nancy: Ivana Đuroci

Kim: Tea Anzulović

Brenda: Vanda Jirasek

Kerry: Sara Renar

Gina: Martina Gornik

Tommy Jones: Toma Prpić

Policeman 1: Luka Blažević

Policeman2: Miroslav Uremović



Igor Tatarević


Iva Kleiner, Vjekoslav Vostrel, Maja Merlić


Dinko Pasini, Domagorj Cifrek, Luka Havliček

Bass guitars:

Katarina Pešun, Majkl Jagunić


Marko Puček, Mario Matika


Branimir Ivančan, Matej Perić


"D.I.S.C.O." was the cult dance club in the city where young men and women would gather to socialize but at the same time, deal with their own personal issues.  They were divided into two opposing groups - the "Fish Pound Angels" and "Piscina's Devils".  Their mutual meetings are full of minor discords involving ironic and insulting remarks that at times, almost led to physical assaults. The matter is further complicated by small romantic misunderstandings -Angela is secretly in love with Phillip, who is too proud to do anything about it ... except that he is convinced that his best friend Robin is hanging around Angela way too much. But Robin, with his clumsy courtship of Angela, only seeks to make Beth, his real love, jealous. The owner of the disco, DJ Johnny is trying to bury the hatchet between groups and so announces a major dance tournament.

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