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Witch Hunter

A Left 4 Dead Campaign with 4 maps:

1. Welcome to Aperture

2. The turnover

3. Behind the scenes

4. Escape


The campaign is a mix of Left 4 Dead and Portal.

The first 2 maps are focused on Left 4 Dead gameplay but in a unique "Portal" way in which the main goal is to advance by doing the tests that open the door to another challenge.

And if the player makes it through entire maze of tests, he will also learn one of the hardest things to do in original Left 4 Dead game, and that is how to kill a witch.

The last two maps I felt I needed to add traditional Left 4 Dead gameplay where your main goal is to escape from a horde of zombies because I wanted to reward the ones who passed all the hard tests by empowering them in the gameplay they were already familiar with. And I spiced it up with a cool Boss fight in the end where players can choose if they want to run or face the Boss.

The ones who choose to fight will see an epic Boss battle followed by a well deserved ending they can enjoy.

Those who choose to run will get some more interesting Portal areas and a standard Left 4 Dead finale fight with the addition of a few toys I made to help them defend themselves and stand their ground.

Making of...

Bloopers from voiceovers

Bloopers from Voiceovers - Witch Hunter Crew

I believe both Qini and Axxel did a very professional job in recording the voice overs but as these things go, there are always bloopers that capture the wonderful atmosphere in which the whole project was made.

I always listen to it to cheer me up!

I love you guys :D

Anyone who ever played Left 4 Dead with me knows that I have a soft spot for killing witches, and most of the time not in a very easy and ordinary way.

Most likely you will find me carrying a propane tank, jamming it on a door or something and tricking the witch into breaking it while I pummel her to death.

Anyway, once I figured out that I knew all these cool, inventive ways of killing a witch -  I decided to make a type of "map tutorial" for other players, so they could also share my interest in witch hunting.

The first map was actually just a set of rooms with all the tests I wanted to demonstrate - it didn't have textures or a storyline which for any tutorial map is more than enough kept preying on my mind like an itch - it was just too ordinary!!!

I simply didn't make these kinds of maps and just wasn't satisfied about it.  So, a few months later I had an idea of making each tutorial a test chamber and what better place than to test it then in Aperture! Since both games were made by Source engine and by Valve, I was sure this is the way to go. 

I enjoyed both games very much and decided to mix them together into a story of my own.  You still pass tests like in "Portal", but you do it in a "Left 4 Dead" type of way.

A very great help to me in testing this, was my good friend Qini from Poland who also did some of the voice overs, as well as my other great friend from Finland, Axxel - she did the voice of Alexis.

And now after the whole campaign is done, I cured that itch and I can look at it with this is a Tiša Map!

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