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Urbana Plemena

Written by: Tihomir Garapić and Ino Hosni

Directed by: Tihomir Garapić

Choreography by: Marijana Pintarić, Goran Japetić, Gordan Križaj​

Costumes: Mirna Garapić

Custom Music by: Tihomir Garapić


This musical was made exclusively for the kids, mostly by the kids.

We never hold auditions as we want to include everyone who joined the group. As a professor at Črnkas, we took our time identifying the different talents of each child and then would direct them so they could develop their skills and bring something great to the project.

Some of them could dance really well, others were good at singing or drawing and some were really good actors.  Kids literally designed their stage for the show which was later built by their dads.

They worked hard on learning all the professional dance moves taught by one of our teachers. Boys mostly did break dance, girls hip hop and both did capoeira.

We assigned parts based on their individual talents and those we picked for acting did a wonderful job as they played their role perfectly.

I am proud of every single one of them!


A boy called Ante sits in the park with his laptop sending a message to a girl he likes on Facebook.

Two metal girls pass by and ask him for some change of course, and when they see what he's doing they decide to help him out by making him ditch his nerdy Facebook way and tell him he should grab a guitar and go play some heavy metal under her window.

After their hard and heavy song was done, the girl's grandma appears on the balcony with a water bucket, wanting to pour it on those "annoying cats screaming under her window". When she finds out what's going on she tells the tale of how boys used to charm girls back in her day with some sweet country music.

The girl's brother was coming home with some friends when he heard his grandma sing and figured out what was going on, and decided to show the poor kid that girls only go for rappers like him as he did his own song.

In the end, a Črnkas teacher told them they should all ignore their own differences and help the boy out together. All together they perform the finale song combining all the elements of the each music type.

After they finished, the girl answered Ante on Facebook and they went out...the rest of them simply went to Črnkas.

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