May 9, 2018

Black April ( The Fall of Saigon )

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May 9, 2018Edited: May 9, 2018


Since the end of the contest, I had time to think about the future of Black April map and have come to a decision. Like most of you already know, this contest was a way I could EARN some fundings for the game I'm currently working on "Spyders". Seemed like a fair deal, I make something every Vietnam War game needs ( Saigon with all its historically accurate landmarks ) - Spyders get funded for me. It took an enormous amount of work for one man to make something so huge and detailed in a short amount of time but, sadly for me, it looks like I failed as Black April didn't even get mentioned let alone won anything. Not winning anything wouldn't have bothered me that much but seeing that the Judges/Players pronounced Jungle Raid, Border Watch, Hoa Lu, Resort, An Cuu Bridge, Lolo, Mau, Operation Valkyrie, Phan Cong, and Tay Ninh Province all better than Black April I find myself in question is there any point in wasting my time on a "bad" map? I have to respect my fellow Devs/judges/players decision and move on. Perhaps in the future, they can make Saigon for you guys! So suggestions tab has been removed from the workshop since feedback is no longer needed. I regret to say that I won't be modeling out US Embassy (The last building I didn't open completely) or polishing my models, make LODs for better optimization, etc. That kind of work requires a lot of my time and at the moment I find my time is better spent elsewhere. All further work on Black April has been stopped. If you would like to see how Black April was made I've set up a little making of here: www.tisa.rocks/black-april

For the end I would like to thank everybody who voted and pressed that like/favorite button on Black April workshop, it really meant a lot!

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