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LINKS - Progress...

Single player

Steam achievements

Full controller support


You play the role of a genius young boy named Noah.

Due to his illness, he is bound to a bed and can't leave his house.

But never underestimate the power of one's brain and his ability to use it!

Noah's Little Racer can connect to any Bluetooth toy in his hometown.

He can drive with his Racer around the neighborhood, fly with the drone like the bird in the skies, he can climb common household items with his robot and much more...

This will be an adventure quest game focused on the story and getting players to see things from a whole new perspective.


Currently on hold, as I need to acquire additional equipment to proceed.


Links main story is from Little Racer by Tiša

Here are some pre alpha screenshots so you can see what I'm going for...

All screenshots are alpha based and they do not in any way represent the final look of the game!

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