Making of Sanitarium...

Sanitarium was made for Tripwire Interactive "New Grounds" mapping competition and has won 1st place!

Thus earning the right to become an Official map of Killing Floor 2!


You came to investigate the old Insane Asylum to clear out the rumors that Horzine Biotech used their patients as test subjects.
Not only that the place is filled with zeds, exploring it deeper underground you find some sort of dark cult sacrifices has been happening here.
The more zed blood you shed on these sacred grounds, the stranger things appear...
Soon, you'll find out that Zeds are not the only Monsters inhabiting this Sanitarium!

Special features

- Weather change from clear to stormy
- Random tentacle attacks 

- Cult worshipers ghosts
- Cthulhu emerges from the sea


- Cage Trap
- Incinerator Trap
- Bloat Trap
- Pit Trap
- Shock Trap
- Tentacle Trap
- Monster Trap

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