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"Single-player, Multi-player options if you want to play alone or with your friends"


The game story is based on the most common human fear in the world.


Our Heroine Mimi is convinced that all the spiders in the world are some organized small army sent on a single mission...


This game treats this statement as true as you take on the part of a little spider on his mission impossible!

Find and scare the Bejesus out of Mimi!

With the use of various power-ups and platforming skills wrapped in a hilariously themed gameplay, you and your friends are about to have the time of your lives playing this new innovative game!


Why you ask?

Watch the video below for an answer

"Various Power-ups offer a totally different way to play the game"

Power - ups

You become the main characters that are small agile spiders that can jump over obstacles and avoid or kill all who stand in its way.


On your missions, you will encounter various power-ups that boost up

your spidey power in many ways.

Spartan power up will give your spider the ability of a true melee fighter.

With a sword, helmet and unique powers, he becomes the muscle of the group.

Gunner power up will give your spider the ability of a sharpshooter.

Dual pistol/SMG wielding spider with an itchy trigger finger, shooting enemies down from a distance will clear the path for the entire team.

Pilot power up will give your spider the ability of flight.

With butterfly wings, a spider can fly over hard to pass obstacles but you have

to be quick because this power up only lasts a certain amount of time.

Skater power up is a curse and a fortune.

With roller skates on all 8 legs, your spider becomes an unstoppable force

which no enemy can kill, but it also becomes hard to control. This power up also only last a certain amount of time.


Travel with style

As the spider passes through different areas,

different types of transportations will be available to him.


Paper boats to pass the water areas, 

Paper planes to fly over areas,

Parachute Bra to drop from high areas,

Toy train/cars to drive on ground,

Skate/Roller skate to pass through certain areas quickly,

Toilet paper ...just because we can!



Featuring original music

composed exclusively for this game

"The most unique way of transportation you ever saw in games"

Spyders is powered by


Spyders need your support to make this the best game it can be. Join the beautiful people that have already lent me a hand.

By donating, you can ensure that I can stay independent and develop Spyders with the full creative freedom I think it deserves. 

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